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Now updated with images from 2019. Hurrah!

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This year, we were out and about in London, Birmingham and Blackpool, as well as stopping off at various theme parks. Keep your eyes peeled for the snowman..

Updated: 19 December 2019

2019 - Highlights

2018 was all about revisitations: the Gower, Haworth and Stratford-upon-Avon all get a look-in. And keep an eye out for at least one famous Andy...

2018 - Highlights

What did we do this year? Well, we visited Teletubbies in Minehead, castles in Cornwall and mills in the heart of Cheshire. There was an art gallery. And there are lots of shots that look like they could be from album cover photoshoots. It seems to have become a thing.

2017 - Highlights

Walls, castles and priories. Cakes and jellies and ice creams. Stately homes and amber forests. Oh, and cheese. Because you always have to have cheese.

2016 - Highlights

Emily turns forty. The gang goes to Minehead. Visits to Weston-super-Mare, Beale Park and Stonehenge.

2015 - Highlights

Edward gets big. Emily and James get a little smaller. Joshua's Minecraft fixation blossoms. The Knights celebrate twenty years of happy marriage (out of forty). And the whole family troops down to Kent to get in touch with the past.

2014 - Highlights

Snow in Shropshire, sun in Pembrokeshire, Daleks in Yorkshire. We host a mad scientist party for our eldest, and at the end of the year make room for the youngest. There is also a selection of interesting food items, because you can never have too many interesting food items.

2013 - Highlights

Photos from several birthday parties, decent chunks of the Ridgeway, National Trust gardens, and swans, as well as our August holiday in Pembrokeshire. Look out for all the Doctor Who stuff!

2012 - Highlights

I know it's really quite appalling to give your cats their own web page, but we were blessed, in our case, with an extremely photogenic pair. We never got round to making a web page for Woody, our last cat, before he passed away in August 2007, and I'm glad to atone for that here. This gallery is filled with pictures of Moppet and Tabitha (tortoiseshell and tabby, respectively), whom we acquired in January 2008. There seem to be more of Tabitha, largely because Moppet hasn't been seen since October 2008.

Cat Photos

A number of excursions (including quite a lot of Ridgeway walking), a few random shots of the boys, several birthdays, a couple of weekends in Shropshire, my brother's long-awaited wedding, holidays in Pembrokeshire, shots from Greenbelt and this year's holiday at Butlins - and to finish off, a few from Christmas.

2011 - Highlights

The great plan to walk the Ridgeway commences. We visit Hatton Farm Village again (and then again). The Isle of Wight has good weather, the Welsh coast does not. Civilisation as we know it collapses in January with the snow. Daniel celebates his first birthday, Thomas his third and Joshua his fifth. Two old friends get married (although not to each other). And James gets stuck climbing a wall.

2010 - Highlights
A while back I came to the realisation that over the past few years, we’ve seen some odd signs on our travels, many of which we’ve had the good fortune to snap – so here are a selection. Some are intentionally amusing, some previously sensible signs had been altered, either on purpose or by accident, and rather too many were unintentionally funny.
Interesting Signs
We needed a new hobby after all the Woolworths closed, and this is it: literal takes on road signs. Like the Woolworths gallery, it was Emily's ideas (most of our better ones are, actually). It's a project we started a couple of years back but in many ways it's still in its infancy, so please excuse us if some of these earlier shots are somewhat half baked. We began in 2008, on a day trip to the Cotswolds, before adding a few during an excursion to the Welsh coast - hopefully this will grow as we visit new places. All suggestions welcome.
Place Signs
Another happy bundle of joy is welcomed into the fold, which meant more nappies and less sleep. We enjoyed days out at Drayton Manor Park and Hatton Farm Village and a week in Butlins. The usual suspects - Pembrokeshire, Greenbelt - are all present and correct, and as a special bonus feature I'll throw in not one, but TWO! murder mystery parties. Don't delay - click today!
2009 - Highlights
At the tail end of 2007 we bought a new camera, which meant that quantity of photos shot up and hard drive space dropped right down. 2008 was the year we visited the Isle of Wight and had a long weekend in Bournemouth. Not all our trips involved beaches: look out for a gloriously spooky dovecot in the heart of the Cotswolds, an excursion to the City of Brotherly Love, and Joshua in a ridiculous pair of sunglasses holding an inflatable guitar.
2008 - Highlights
The family increases by one, although we did lose a cat. Another visit to Germany - this time in the late summer rather than midwinter - and trips up and down the coast, as well as a fair amount of wildlife (even if quite a lot of it was in cages).
2007 - Highlights
In 2006 we toured Yorkshire (well, bits of it), spent some time on the Pembrokeshire coast (well, bits of it) and watched Joshua get much bigger. Plus! Mrs Knight dressed up as shortbread.
2006 - Highlights
Fewer photos of us, and a lot more of Eldest Son and Heir. Plus some cute model houses, velvety bridesmaids, highland cattle, snowy Bavarian landscapes and a very strange leopard coat.
2005 - Highlights
Herein: assorted coastal excursions (UK and abroad), ramblings in and out of Oxfordshire, and pictures of the cat. And, of course, the wedding gallery, which is still intact in its entirety.
2004 - Highlights
As good a place to kick off as any. There aren't too many of these, because my annoying tendency to document absolutely everything on camera didn't really begin until mid 2004, when Emily and I were living together. Still, it's a start. "I believe in starts. Once you have a start, the rest is inevitable."
2003 - Highlights  
It broke my heart to see Woolworths go under a couple of years ago, not least because it seemed to spell the inevitable end to our photo campaign. Suffice to say we're getting round as many as we can, before they take down the signs. There's almost enough for a book.
The Woolworths Gallery (updated 05 April 2009)
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