2004 - Highlights

2004: the year we moved in together, got married, and discovered the joys of Italy. In that order. I make no apology for the fact that a few of these are quite frightening.

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We held a couple of parties in 2004: the first - and swankiest - was Emily's birthday bash at The Gallery, Cambridge. We adopted a film characters theme, which should become apparent from the smorgasbord of cinematic delights contained therein. About a month later, having moved into our first home in Sutton Courtenay, we had a housewarming party - no costumes this time, but boy were there a lot of people.

Parties 2004

Spring bank holiday, and we took in the sea air in a long weekend on the Jurassic Coast (no parks, though). There were boat trips and lighthouses and ICE CREAM and buses and castles and seagulls and SWANS and there was a bit of food poisoning. We joined English Heritage and there was more ICE CREAM. And on the way back we stopped in at Stonehenge. Which was a bit boring.

Weymouth, May 2004
A collection of highlights from our various one and two-day jaunts across 2004. Some were impromptu, some were semi-impromptu and a couple were borderline full scale military operations, but all were fun. Highlights include: a very windy day at Southsea, a delightful trip through Yorkshire's chocolate box territory, and a particularly innovative use of a hash brown.
Misc Excursions 2004

The Bishop's Castle children's Holiday Club is a fun, slightly crazy week. Run by Emily's parents the last week in August, it brings the local children together in the church hall, and entertains them with crafts, music, slides, puzzles and games, puppet shows and other such amusement, while giving a serious message about God and how to treat other people. The 2004 gathering adopted a Peruvian theme in the wake of Mr and Mrs Knight's visit earlier in the year.

Holiday Club, August 2004

The wedding gallery is so large it has another page all to itself....enjoy!

The Wedding Gallery

Straight after the wedding we hopped on a plane out of Heathrow, bound for the Ligurian coast and the Italian city of Genoa. After a week there, travelling up and down and seeing caves and mountains and coastal villages and a lot of stripy churches, we took a train to Venice, and then after a whistlestop tour of Siena found ourselves in Rome. It was two weeks of decent wine, copious olives and the best pizza in the world. Bliss.

Honeymoon, October

More stuff that didn't fit anywhere else: lounging around at home, a couple of weddings, and assorted family gatherings.

Misc, 2004
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