2017 - Highlights

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December excursions round more National Trust properties with assorted Knights.

Shropshire and Herefordshire, December
A particularly beautiful afternoon at Greys Court, near Henley, where we explored a part of the grounds we hadn't seen before. They have an ice house!


Autumn at Greys Court

In October half term we popped up to see an old friend and her family, and took in a couple of National Trust spots while we were there.

Cheshire, October

We've been here before. But they had new stuff. And it was worth it simply to see the knife angel.

British Ironworks, September


More from our summer excursion. Includes copious shots of mining country, and some snails.

Cornwall, August (part two)

We've been wanting to go back to Cornwall ever since our first holiday there way back in 2003, so over the summer we took the newly acquired camping trailer and embarked on another tour. Cornwall is so photogenic I had to split these into two loads: this is the first. Look out for the cuddly pasty.

Cornwall, August (part one)

Emily had managed to get tickets for a Relaxed Prom - the first of its kind - so we made a weekend of it just after the end of the summer term. There was boating on the Serpentine, pondering at the Tate Modern and great excitement in Leicester Square at ten o'clock when we found the Lego store and A WHOLE SHOP DEVOTED TO M&Ms. Minibreaks don't get much better.

London, July

The Doctor Who Experience closed down this year; we wanted to see it before it was gone. So we went. Torchwood fans will be pleased to know that Ianto Jones' shrine is still intact down by Cardiff Bay.

Cardiff and the Doctor Who Experience, June

Funfair rides, soft play, beaches and Teletubbies. Oh, so many Teletubbies.

Butlins, February
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