2011 - Highlights

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Turkey! And cranberry sauce. And stuffing. And roast potatoes. And parsnips. Carrots. Pigs in blankets. Sherry. Port. Red wine. Real ale. You get the general idea. Happy New Year, by the way.

Added: 08 March 2012

Christmas 2011

Our three children have their adventurous lives chronicled.

Updated: 08 March 2012

Joshua, Thomas and Daniel 2011

We were planning on going swimming, but it was such a gorgeous Sunday afternoon that we couldn't bring ourselves to be inside. So we headed back to Crowmarsh to stroll along Grim's Ditch, making the most of a beautiful autumn day. A week later we headed up to Nuffield to where the trail crosses a golf course.

Updated: 21 November 2011

Misc 2011, Part 6

A stroll along the Ridgeway on a pleasant September afternoon, through a golf course adroned with sloes and hips. Then another hike across the hills near East Hendred. Then another through the woods near Great Missenden, where we'd spent the morning. Then another by Segsbury Hill Fort, where - in the company of Miriam, Dave and Dave's sister Rachel - we managed to join up two substantial sections of the trail. Finally, a jaunt down near Mongewell.

Updated: 12 November 2011

Misc 2011, Part 5

Jousting at Blenheim Palace, another visit to Hatton, and four Ridgeway walks - in Streatley, Stoke and Sparsholt (going both directions) - interrupted by a trip to Boscombe at the tail end of summer. (The last time we were in Boscombe was 2005; it was dead. It's now been regenerated. Do go!)

Misc 2011, Part 4

This year, the Greenbelt organisers dropped the in loco parentis aspect of the children's festival, which is why quite a lot of these were taken in the Messy Space - when we weren't working, we were looking after them. This was fine as Messy Space turned out to have rather decent natural light. Also look out for the Unthanks, Idlewild and a wildly animated Daniel.

Greenbelt, August 2011

After last year's disastrous foray, this was a successful and highly enjoyable fortnight of sun, sea, sand and a lot of ice cream. I took many of these using the zoom lens, with the net result that many of the subjects didn't realise they were being photographed. It's a bit voyeuristic, but it does avoid the staged photograph problem.

Pembrokeshire, July - August 2011

The clouds parted and the sun shone down as we gathered at Maidenhead Registry Office to celebrate my brother’s wedding. Afterwards everyone drove out to Bray village hall for drinks, cake, dancing and a substantial buffet. The bride was radiant, the groom was immaculate and I even managed to find a jacket that fit me, almost. My father and I took this lot between us.

Dianne and Mark's Wedding, 25th June

Spring Bank Holiday weekend (in which Mr and Mrs Knight, who again took quite a number of these, looked after the children for an evening while we spent a day or two on the Welsh coast), a Murder Mystery party near the summer solstice, a brief look at sports day - oh, and two more birthdays. Why do they all come at once?

Misc 2011, Part 3

The Ridgeway, up near Ashbury, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, flowers at Blenheim Palace at the tail end of March, a jaunt over to High Wycombe to celebrate the election results, a trip to the Abingdon Air Show (complete with obligatory Dalek), and two birthdays. Elisabeth and Michael Knight took a number of these.

Misc 2011, Part 2

At the tail end of April Prince William finally tied the knot with Kate - sorry, Catherine Middleton, and to celebrate we nipped down to Shropshire and the Brockton street party (actually held in a farmer's field, but needs must). The extended holiday meant we also had time to go and visit a couple of National Trust properties, as well as get back to Ironbridge. Look out for the Meccano.

Shropshire, May 2011

Two Ridgeway walks over Compton, and two afternoons at Blenheim Palace just outside Woodstock. Oh, and Emily's birthday.

Misc 2011, Part 1

Another year, another pilgrimage to Minehead. Taking Emily's advice, I have skimped on the child-grinning-at-funfair pictures on this occasion because (let's be honest) they're really *dull* once you've seen the first few. Bookending the Butlins shots are photos from Dyrham Park, just outside Bristol, and a few shots from Cardiff, where we attended a Doctor Who exhibition and caught up with Beth.

Butlins, February 2011
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