2016 - Highlights

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In October half term we popped down to Somerset. There was cheese. Also there was ice cream, although not necessarily at the same time. Except once.

Cheddar, October

Berwick-upon-Tweed, York, and then home via Pontefract.

Grand Tour of the North - Part Three

Alston to Alnwick - and beyond.

Grand Tour of the North - Part Two

Our epic, two-week journey across Yorkshire, Cumbria and Northumberland begins in Malham and moves through Settle, with a quick detour to Scotland along the way.

Grand Tour of the North - Part One


Another day, another National Trust. But this one had WINE BOTTLES ON THE LAWN. And not in a Midsomer Murders way.

Waddesdon, April

A stroll through a couple of Warwickshire's National Trust properties.

Baddesley Clinton and Packwood, March

The Tate Modern. The Science Museum. The National Gallery. We're a bit cultured out, to be honest. Ooh, and Chinese food.

London, March

A trip to the British Ironwork Museum, with its myriad metal sculptures, and then on to Chirk Castle, which has a really rather impressive set of gates. These two facts are probably connected.

Oswestry and Chirk, March

James' Mum and Dad were celebrating their ruby wedding, so we organised a surprise party for them in a church hall. There was an abundance of food. There were balloons. There was much harmonica playing and an impromptu shuffleboard with a broom. And there were fake beards.

Mum and Dad's 40th Anniversary party, January
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