Wedding Gallery

The wedding gallery is a large collection of pictures that span the entire day.

The majority of these images were taken by Richard Hanson, who also photographed Emily's brother and sister-in-law's wedding. As well as dealing with private functions, his work has also featured in the press. He comes highly recommended: as well as being a darned good photographer he's also an extremely nice bloke, and very helpful. The quality of his pictures speak volumes, and more can be found on either of his websites:, or for the more serious stuff.

In addition to Richard's work, we are also indebted to a number of others, all of whom supplied photos. Thanks to Matthew Knight, Chris Bosley, Alison Evans, David Baldock (not to mention Brian Fordyce, who was using his camera), Jon Skeet and particularly Gavin Love, whose work features quite heavily in the reception galleries. (A whole bunch of these are available on the wedding page of Gavin's website.)

As with the other galleries, images vary in size but none of them go above the 150K mark (or thereabouts). They're designed to be viewed (ideally) at 1024 x 768, but will work at anything above or below, albeit with a little scrolling.

The official pictures - anything that's marked with 'wedding' in its filename - are copyright Richard Hanson. If you'd like to order any reprints, please let us know and we can arrange this, and send you a price list.

Have fun! Any problems or broken links, please email me.

New! The disposable camera pictures are finally online....


General preparations in and outside 61 Skilton Road.
The House
Before, during and after the service. Includes large group shot - also available here.
Church and service
Over in the park, amidst the billowing October breeze, we had a collection of group photos. The ushers radioed people to and from the hall, where refreshments were being served, so that the groups kept flowing. Emily demonstrated renewed assertiveness, epitomised by her use of the words "Oi! Lownsbrough! Get over here NOW!"
Group shots (I)
More groups - including a bunch of spods. And a bicycle.
Group shots (II)
"I want to go on the swings," says Emily. So we did. Actually, we wound up using the whole playground, thanks to the assistance of a few like-minded friends. Afterwards, Richard managed to get some serious shots.
Round the back of the church, where a barrage of pink and white paper stood as the main obstacle between the bride and groom and the waiting Mercedes.
Confetti shots
Lingering in the lobby of the Comfort Inn Reading South; the lineup; the meal.
Reception (part I)
The rest of the meal, opening acts at the open mic session, and the bride and groom's first dance. And a lovely red hat.
Reception (part II)
The ceilidh, the second open mic session and a pleasantly inebriated winding down.
Reception (part III)
One of the best pieces of advice that I got about the wedding day - from a colleague who'd recently married - was to "step back and take it in every once in a while, because you miss an awful lot". This is so true that it ought to be etched in stone and taught at premarital counselling sessions. You're so busy rushing around meeting and greeting, saying hello and waving goodbye and having dances with everyone that wants one that you tend to miss an awful lot: the whispered conversations, the stolen kisses, the wistful looks from parents and bonding sessions between warring siblings....and so on....
Disposable cameras (part I)
...Anyway. We decided fairly early on - as many couples do - that we wanted disposable cameras on each table. They were used throughout the reception and captured a whole host of moments that we wouldn't have got to see otherwise - some candid, others less so. We've picked out a hundred and fifty or so that we particularly liked, and posted them across these last four galleries. If you were there, you might be able to spot the ones that you took. If you weren't, you may wonder what on earth is going on, but working that part out is half the fun, isn't it?
Disposable cameras (part II)
The disposable images are in no particular order: I agonised as to whether to group them by table, but eventually decided that it was less monotonous - not to mention more fun - to mix them up a bit. There is a vague chronology involved, which is why the ceilidh images don't appear until this gallery.
Disposable cameras (part III)
The last of the disposable pictures. Clowning around in the lobby, and so on. This page also features what's probably our favourite image - see if you can work out which one it is.
Disposable cameras (part IV)
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