James' Wedding Diary


"I love you, I love you, I love you. That's all I want to say."

Warning: slush content alert. I make no apologies for the occasionally sentimental overload that will be present in the following pages; it's just a question of writing what you feel. Some of these are pragmatic and specific, describing particular occasions or wedding-related activities such as ring hunting or reception planning. But a lot of them are more concerned with feelings, and the development of the relationship that Emily and I have. So what you've got here are more journal entries, dating from October 2003 onwards - a sort of inner monologue on how I was thinking or feeling at the time. This will be written in tandem with the Joint Wedding Diary, which contains thoughts from Emily (and is more specifically connected with what we were doing to plan it). It's anticipated that this will last until (at least) the big day and probably beyond, depending on how long it takes until it no longer seems relevant or necessary. Be not afraid to start new things, but be not afraid to finish them if they no longer work - a lesson that I think all of us could learn.

In the meantime, turn on some appropriate 80s ballads, and get a little closer into my head. Oh, and feedback of any sort is always welcome.

James, 18th July 2004.


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