Monday, 27th September 2004.

Hag weekend - precis

Reasons why Jon is an all round good egg:

1. His wife made me antlers.

2. He and Douglas acted as a cab service on Friday night, managing several trips to Reading between them, taking people to and from the town centre.

3. He bought a round of drinks (even though we were in a Wetherspoons and it was, as he said, a cheap round).

4. He took various 'artistic' photos, none of which were too embarrassing (although nonetheless not the sort of thing you'd want to show your grandmother).

5. He was sensible enough to ignore my brother's insistent suggestions that they should get me absolutely plastered and stuck on a train to Edinburgh, choosing instead to stick with "moderately drunk".

6. He rang me on Saturday morning to give last-minute advice on directions, when we were on the verge of getting lost.

7. He seemed to genuinely enjoy the paintballing, even going so far as to come up with a sensible tactic for winning one of the games - it would have worked if everyone had done like he'd suggested instead of scattering like confused monkeys when the starting whistle blew.

8. He opened up his house on Saturday evening for what was going to be an early-finish party - and didn't seem to mind in the slightest that we went on until one in the morning.

9. He wound up paying for the pizza.

10. He got on very well with Em's sister in law.

11. He wrote the last third of his sermon in a state of considerable inebriation.

12. He and Emily sang together, and rather nice it was too.

13. On Sunday morning he preached a great service, and mentioned us both in the intercessionary prayers.

14. After the service he invited us back again for coffee.

I am truly privileged to have such a reliable and generous person as my best man.

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