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There's quite a lot of stuff on YouTube, mostly of the silly, filmed-on-camera-phone variety, and here's a good place to store our home videos.

There was so much footage I couldn't upload it all to Vimeo at once, so here's the second part. Features added Proclaimers. (Well, we were in Scotland.)
Grand Tour of the North - Part Two
As if you weren't busy enough looking through the hundreds of photos from our road trip, there's this. We gave the boys carte blanche with the video camera and they filmed themselves exploring the hostels we stayed in as well as the various castles and historical sites during our visit. The results are quirky and occasionally disturbing but this is probably the only holiday video you'll watch this year with its own title sequence.
Grand Tour of the North - Part One
When we went to Pembrokeshire this summer, I gave the boys free run of the video camera. What you see here is a mixture of their footage and mine, interspersed with random talking heads bits and at least one Titanic tribute. Every holiday is different, but if you're interested, and if have a quarter of an hour to spare, it is as good a documentation as any as to the sorts of things we generally get up to. Featuring my friend and former colleague David, voicing a stuffed Care Bear.
Pembrokeshire 2015

We'd been learning about the fall of man during advent, and Joshua made this one Sunday morning - completely off the cuff, and with no encouragement from me. He used the Mister Maker Magic Paintbox on the CBeebies website to draw the pictures, and then when he'd completed the sequence he replayed it in fast motion. I then video captured this, and he added a narrative.

The Creation - Mister Maker Style

Josh had this idea for building a house in Minecraft that he'd rigged with TNT, and then getting Thomas to spring a booby trap. I had the idea of turning the whole thing into a Beadle's About type stunt.

The Minecraft Exploding House

Josh's birthday party, 2013 - mad scientists ahoy. So, obviously we did this.

Mentos and Diet Coke

Josh's school project was to design and invent something, so he came up with a Heath Robinson style alarm clock, which he then rendered in Lego. This is the accompanying documentary. Listen out for Homer Simpson.

Joshua's Lego Invention

Bits of Pembrokeshire, bits of Bristol, and some really rather disturbing footage of James on a zip wire. (He's lost quite a bit of weight since then.)

2012 - A Year in Review

Cousin Benjamin was visiting, and Joshua kept him amused.


Daniel loves this show. Can you tell?

The Tree-Fu exercise programme

Joshua created his Lego garden as part of a school project. Taking the thing into school was impractical, so we opted for photos - and then decided, in the manner of the videos on the Lego website (which was where we found Mr Snail), to film him doing a guided tour and talking about some of the specifics. This was right before we had the Cybermen trash it.

Lego Garden - the tour

Mike Oldfield, sandcastles, rock pools, several aborted attempts at a summer project for Thomas...oh, and our Olympics homage. Well, you didn't think it was going to be an ordinary holiday video, did you?

Pembrokeshire, July - August 2012

Joshua finds a novel use for a waste bin lid. (Well, the Daleks were basically dustbins on wheels.)

Impromptu Sontaran dance

Daniel opens his birthday present from Uncle David, to much oohing.

Daniel's birthday, April 2012

You kind of have to be up on internet history to understand what on earth Daniel is doing here, but if you're still clueless, this will provide an answer.

Daniel performs the Badger song

Thomas had (more or less) taught himself to read by early 2012, as you can see here. The Big Pancake is one of his favourite stories; The Gingerbread Man is another. He likes his food, does Thomas.

Thomas reads The Big Pancake

Daniel goes through Donaldson and Scheffler's classic, mostly from memory. Sorry about the poor lighting.

Daniel reads The Gruffalo

Here's that dance in full - more or less. Those of you who were there will remember this. Those who weren't...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

First Dance


A few years back, I prepared a re-edited DVD of our wedding video as an anniversary gift. One of the 'special features' was a music video of Angry Anderson's 'Suddenly', with Kylie and Jason removed and the two of us pasted in. In October 2011 I dusted it down and re-edited it so there's less of Anderson's bald noggin and quite a bit more of us.

Suddenly (Remix)


Daniel deals with his Doctor Who fixation as only he can.

Look what I found in my kitchen


Thomas tackles Eric Carle's masterpiece. Twice. (You don't get to see the second time, because he got bored, so I cut it.)

Thomas reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Thomas has a tendency to get rather excited by the song he refers to as 'Scaramouche'. As you can see.

Thomas sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody'


Thomas reads to Daniel.

Thomas reads Smidge


The full-length cut of our 2011 holiday video, as filmed in and en route to Butlins, Minehead. Done in a Talking Heads style set of monologues to camera, some of which I now realise are far less amusing than I thought when I did them, interspersed with stuff we did. Featuring the cast of Lazytown, the Fat Controller and a Cyberman or two, plus a fair bit of ranting about Barney. Should you not have half an hour to spare, an abbreviated (fifteeen minute) cut is available here.

Butlins 2011 (full version)


Shot in the bathroom one evening in December 2010. Sorry it's a bit muffled.

Thomas's Christmas Pudding song


Thomas reads a Charlie and Lola story in his inimitable style.

Thomas reads Charlie and Lola
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