"Quick! We need someone to go on the see-saw with James!"
Beach huts of Southsea
Contender for Boring Postcard of the Year
Donkeys at Milton Manor, Easter Monday
Indulging in a spot of regression therapy...
...in the woodland stockade
Siamese horses
Matchstick church!
Somewhere in the Midlands, en route to Kit and George's wedding...
...which is where this was taken
Skipton, May
Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire
The mysterious beast of the dales
Emily gets pumping at a slightly chavvy Hampshire campsite
On the beach. We'd consumed an entire bottle of Lambrusco and weren't even close to tipsy
From the roof of Portchester Castle
There was nothing remarkable about this English Heritage stone, but it took half an hour to find the thing, so I was damn well taking a photo of it
Wrest Park, Bedfordshire, August
Looking out over Dover harbour, August
Up on Galleon's Lap, Sussex
A contemplative Emily