View from the hotel
The lighthouse
Down the hill
Mevagissey Harbour

My love on the rocks

Album sleeve shot
Rocks under the gull
Introspective brooding artist shot
Emily compares herself to a gigantic plant
The vegetable garden
The woodyard
The Tony Blair approach (head in the sand)
Two rural goddesses
Ridiculous things with an umbrella
Woolworths in Truro
The clouds roll in
Brooding introspective artist shot, part 94
The fisherman's blues
Brooding introspective artist shot (part 1,430)
The piskie garden
St Mawes, dusk


The hound of the Emilyvilles
I have got ears!
Brooding, intro - never mind
In silou - in silloo - in sil - in outline
Sunrise, M4