Christmas Songs

Daddy sang bass, Mommy sang tenor. Actually, Mommy's quite a convincing baritone. The MP3s on here can probably be played in your browser.

Christmas Greeting (video)
Our (brief) Christmas message to the nation, and not a monarch in sight.
Stir A Bowl of Gingerbread (video)
Edward sings one of the songs he learned at nursery this winter. You do get to see his face eventually.

Jingle Bells (video)

Daniel and Edward duet.

Just Don't Know (audio)

Joshua was reluctant to be filmed for this one, but we wanted to let you know how his guitar was coming along. Here's one of his grade 1 pieces.

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star (video)

Another song from Edward - recorded on location!
The Twelve Days of Christmas (video, 2015)
This is an old one, but it's still there, because I still like it.



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