Christmas Songs

Daddy sang bass, Mommy sang tenor. Actually, Mommy's quite a convincing baritone. The MP3s on here are probably best downloaded: right-click and save before opening, or just play them in your browser.

Christmas Greeting
Our (brief) Christmas message to the nation, and not a monarch in sight.
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (video)
Daniel sang this in his school concert, and jumped at the chance to recreate it at home. The rest of us helped on the chorus.

Away In A Manger (video)

Joshua and Edward duet.
The Twelve Days of Christmas (video, 2015)
I stuck this on YouTube, because it warranted sharing. We did manage to finish the song, even if it almost came to blows.


JibJab cards

We haven't done a card for the last couple of years because to be honest it's starting to get a bit gimmicky, but you can still watch the previous efforts below.
2012 - Sledging
2011 - Winter Wonderland
2010 - Hard Rock Holidays

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