It's just the way that the year goes round...

I am 13 and currently doing the GCSE subjects I chose in year 8 (Food Preparation and Nutrition, Music, Computer Science and Art) I have enjoyed doing rugby in PE. I have enjoyed going to Scouts and doing my expedition challenge and doing a night hike. I have also enjoyed playing my guitar and have learnt lots of new songs this year. In Food Preparation and Nutrition I have made lots of things (cheesecake, cheese pin-wheels, rock buns, Dutch apple cake, quiche, macaroni cheese, Swiss roll, lasagne, shortbread and white chocolate and cranberry cupcakes). Currently in English we are studying the play Journey's End but mostly this term we have been studying A Christmas Carol.


My name is Thomas and I'm now 11 and a half. I like to write and have fun with my friends. 2018 has been one of the most amazing years I've had. The main highlight is going to a new secondary school, named Aureus secondary school. I've made lots of new friends in year 7 and have enjoyed lessons. Another great thing about Aureus is that they end early on a Friday, at one o'clock. One of my favourite things to do after school is go on the computer. I'm really looking forward to Christmas and 2019.


Hello! I am Daniel and I'm 9 . I am a fan of football, swimming, violin playing (and a lot of other stuff you probably don't want to hear.) My school is fun as it has nice food and I have a lot of friends. My teacher this year is Miss Davies and I had her in year 3! My favourite food is CHEESECAKE! This year our family has been on many adventures. One of my best is when I practised for my play of Romeo and Juliet. I was Tybalt (Juliet's cousin) and I performed at the Cornerstone in front of about 200 parents! I also liked it in February and January when it snowed! I have enjoyed writing this and I'm looking forward to Christmas this year.


I go to Primary School. Ask me what letter it was. Look, it says 'E' for Edward. I have four friends. What about some drinks? Ask me what it was for lunch. Yeeeee. Why is there bubbles in this bath? Elton John is singing that song. Look, that is graffiti. Why is it graffiti? I like toast and...chocolate spread. My next birthday I will be six. On Friday you will pick me up. Are you done on the computer yet?


I'm still Premises Managing at the Baptist Church and still singing in the Gospel Choir, both of which are going from strength to strength. My main employment is as family PA. The complexity of this task has gone up a notch since the boys started at four different schools in September. I've also continued in my role as chief holiday planner, which has involved a snowy youth hostel in Haworth, a couple of weekends in Stratford-upon-Avon (as we didn't manage to fit everything in the first time), camping in Pembrokeshire and The Gower (cold and misty while the rest of the country was suffering a heatwave), two festivals (Greenbelt and Just So three if you include Bishop's Castle's own Party in the Park) and a mini tour of the North during October half term, taking in four Youth Hostels and a Travelodge, the North Yorkshire coast and moors, The Dales and The Peak District (more snow). In my spare time I've been learning Swedish, which has meant watching lots of Nordic Noir.

I turned forty this year. We celebrated with a party in the back garden and Emily made a magnificent Twin Peaks-themed cake, complete with leather chairs! Aside from that it's business as usual, although not quite. Freelance work has slackened off, mainly due to shake-ups at Metro, but I have managed to branch out a bit and get a couple of pieces published in The Independent Online. I also completed work on a young adult fantasy novel which is turning into the first of a planned trilogy. While I wait for the agency rejection letters I'm using the time to ramp up the piano tuition I hope to start teaching at Daniel's school in January. My holiday highlight was sitting on a magnificent beach at the bottom of a hill, somewhere in the Gower, which appeared to be completely deserted.

You can read my Metro portfolio at http://metro.co.uk/author/james-baldock.




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