It's just the way that the year goes round...

I am in year eight at school and enjoy most subjects but my favourites are ICT, music, drama, tech, art and science. Out of school I enjoy playing Undertale (a computer game), playing my electric guitar, cooking and watching YouTube. I also go to Scouts and Yellow Submarine youth club. In July I was in my school production of Bugsy Malone as Doodle and got pied in the face 18 times (6 per night). My favourite holiday this year was to Cornwall which was very wet and involved our awning collapsing!


Hello. I'm Thomas and I am ten and a half. I like watching videos, being online and playing basketball. I'm in year 6 and mostly enjoy myself there. My favourite subject is probably a toss-up between maths and art. Next year I'm heading to Aureus secondary school (it's only been open for a year so it's quite new). The reason it's called Aureus is because (interestingly) while they were digging up the old site they found some Roman Aureus coins.


I am Daniel and I'm 8 ½. I like football, swimming (and other sports); playing on the computer; watching TV and practising my violin. I'm in year 4 and my teacher is nice and quite tall. I go to violins during school and afterwards I play in an orchestra called the school orchestra. My favourite food, drink and pudding are pizza, strawberry smoothie and cheesecake. The best holiday I've had this year is London. We went to a relaxed prom at the Royal Albert Hall, ate McDonald's at 10 o'clock at night and went to a massive M&M shop. This year me and Edward got rabbits! I know, amazing right? Mine is called Smudge and Edward's is called Flop.


What does it say? K-ee-p o-ff. Keep off! Danger of death! I have fun at Ladybirds, I play outside. I just making some toast. I like peanut butter and jam. I am four years old. What does four and three make? 1,2,3,4,5,6, SEVEN! It makes seven. I just making a sandwich. I want two pieces of bread. I like chocolate spread. What about some drinks? Snow! Snow! Snow! Look! Snow! Can I play the piano? I play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Is that middle C?  Do you want to play a game with me? This piece is called a bishop. It isn't bed time. I just doing this puzzle first.


I'm still working at the church next door as the Premises Manager. It's been a successful year, with income from premises rental more than double what it's been in recent years. However it does mean I've needed to order a lot more toilet paper. Just before Christmas last year, I was offered a second part-time job at another local church. They were looking for an assistant for their year-long “Science and Faith” project. I started work in January, helping to organise a monthly family science club and a couple of big lectures. In my free time, I still enjoy singing in the Community Gospel Choir. My holiday highlight this year was our first visit to a naturist beach during our May half term trip to Swanage.  My holiday not-highlight was wandering round Launceston with a large bin bag of wet clothes, searching for a Launderette.

I've been busy with freelancing and have written about everything from to sausage rolls to rabbit care (although not within the same article). It involves erratic, sometimes unsociable hours (such as the night Emily and I got up at two in the morning to watch the first episode of Twin Peaks so I could write about it) and I sometimes have to drop everything and go straight to the laptop at a moment's notice, but it's a fascinating way of life and no two days are the same. This year I got to attend the press screening for the new Doctor Who series, as well as help publicise a new CBeebies programme about autism – the same month I interviewed a couple of Belgian naturist backpackers. My holiday highlight was getting trapped in a narrow single carriage lane in Cornwall, unable to go underneath a particularly low bridge at the bottom of a steep hill, the traffic stacked in both directions, in the rain.

You can read my Metro portfolio at http://metro.co.uk/author/james-baldock.




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